When It All Goes Wrong: Improving your Presentation Skills

As we all know, in life, things don’t always go as we would want them to. There are days when everything seems to be going wrong, and no matter how much we try, the misfortunes just keep on unraveling themselves. This could very well happen in your own business presentation. Just when you are giving a presentation that can make or break your career, a million things go wrong, and you have no idea what to do.
Fortunately, presentation skills training and courses can give you valuable tips to help you overcome these unfortunate and unavoidable mishaps. Through presentation training, you will be able to learn how to deal with these problems and be able to turn your business presentation from a career setback to an opportunity.
Here are some tips you can use when your all-important business presentation goes wrong:
For some unforeseen circumstance, no matter how hard you plan, you are almost always late, right on the day when you have an all important business proposal to present. So what do you do? Well first of all, you have to be extra early during these important days, presentation skills training teaches this. In spite of that and you’re still running late, have the numbers of your bosses ready and inform them at once if you can’t make it on time. Once you get to the office, apologize but spare everyone the details as to why you were late. You’ve already wasted a few moments of their time; don’t add up to it by telling them an irrelevant story.
Another common problem you can face is when the technical equipment isn’t working. This happens to everyone, especially if you have a complicated audio-visual system, and technology was never your thing. When this is the case, you have to prepare yourself by following three simple tips: be there early to set up the equipment, or ask someone beforehand to help you in setting up for your business presentation. When the equipment does malfunction, go to Plan B. Use handouts, or whatever materials you have to be able to deliver your business presentation, despite those technical difficulties.
Presentation skills training and presentation skills courses also prepare you for instances when things go wrong during the business presentation itself. For example, when you make a mistake, whether it’s an error in the slides or you suddenly forgot what to say, don’t panic and just keep calm. Admit that you made a mistake, because that makes you more believable, then get back on your feet and continue what you were saying.
Same principle applies when you are confronted with a question that you were not prepared for. Acknowledge the person and tell him or her that you’ll get back to them. It may not be the best answer, but when it all comes down to it, that may be the only answer that you will have for them at the moment.
And probably the worst case scenario of all, what do you do when your audience is just not interested in what you are saying? Don’t lose hope! You can still turn things around by engaging the audience. Ask them if they have any questions for you. You can move out of the original flow of your presentation to make it more interesting for them. You can even cut your business proposal even if you have 20 plus more slides left. It is very important that you regain their interest in what you’re saying, and you can do anything to get it back.
Even the worst things happen to those who are the most prepared. That is why presentation skills training and presentation skills courses have these tips to help you through your crucial business presentations. Through training, you can save your business proposal and make it successful no matter what happens.