Taking Care of Your Audience: Improving your Presentation Skills

When delivering a presentation, a whole group of people have their attention focused on you. Or at least they’re supposed to. These people are your audience. It is very important to you and your career that you keep them interested in what you are saying, or else this can mean that your ideas won’t push through, or you lost your chance at a promotion. This is why it is very important that you sustain the interest of your audience. But we all know that this is not the easiest thing to do. This is why presentation skills courses and presentation skills training have certain tips you can follow so that you can keep your audience interested in what you are saying.
Here are some tips from presentation training that will help you keep your audience captivated.
Presentation skills training expert George Torok says that the number one thing that you should not do is to read from the slides. This is one of the surefire ways to bore your audience to death. This clearly shows that you are unprepared for your presentation and that you are not 100% of everything that you are saying. Reading from your powerpoint slides lessens your credibility greatly, making your audience less likely to invest in your idea or to purchase your product.
You can use your powerpoint as a guide throughout your presentation. After all, you did prepare that, and it should allow your audience to have a better understanding of your product or idea. But it is vital for you to add information that isn’t on your slides. This not only shows how much you know about the product or idea, but also keeps your audience glued to what you are saying, and not just being reliant on the slides.
There are other tips from presentation skills training and courses which you can use in order to keep your audience listening to what you are saying. These tips are from presentation training expert Kevin Eikenberry. He says that you can sustain their interest by asking them to paint a mental picture of your “vision”, or idea or the product that you are pitching. The more detailed the image that you give them, the better.
Stimulate the audience by allowing them to ask questions, or to talk amongst themselves if they want to clarify anything from your presentation. If they are making inquiries, that means that they are interested in your product or idea, and increases the likelihood of them having a positive reaction toward it.
Keeping your bosses or your peers interested in your business presentation is very vital in your career. Presentation skills training and courses are just some avenues wherein you can learn these techniques. These are very important qualities that can make or break your career. Taking care of your audience through presentation training may spell the difference for you between a dream promotion or a career setback.