Market Surveying Tools & Consumer Insight are Vital for Businesses


Determining your target market before marketing your product or services is absolutely essential. You need to keep in mind their needs, what they want, think and how they feel. In order to know all about your customer there’s technique called consumer insights, it can help you with the information that you need about the targeted group of customers that results in helping you attract the attention of the targeted audience hence helping you to come up with the competitive edge. There are basically three most common ways which prove to be very helpful for you to know how to apply the customer insight techniques to your marketing and also to the product development efforts.

The first one is to develop the concepts and then testing that concept; this consumer insight technique is applied to know what the consumer thinks about the type of a product you are developing. For this purpose, different activities that involve the participation of the customers for example conducting a workshop or the brain storming exercises, a customer would show by his participation that what he actually thinks. These new ideas would provide a platform to the designers or engineers, developers and the marketers in the form of a raw material using which the collaboration of all the people involved in the production as well as marketing would develop a new concept and idea that will further satisfy the customers by bringing up the product or service that fulfill the customer’s wants. The second importanttechnique comes in the positioning of the brand. Brand positioning involves the presentation of your brand to your customer in an attractive manner which involves the well thought message that connects with customers on an emotional level, include the name and the messages that seems to shape the consumer’s opinion and wants.

After all this make a strategy to market your brand. So, advertising is the main focus; it has a very critical position as it acts as a bridge between the product’s manufacturer and the customer. Now it all depends at how well you advertise your product which attracts the more targeted customers once you approach and develop your concepts about the brand that you are going to present to your customer next comes to test how you can better approach the targeted customers. The most important and effective approach is the one we are going to reveal which is establishing an emotional connection with your targeted audience, it directly affects the behavior of your customer towards the brand you are representing to them. Working with Octopus Analytics using insight will give you a better chance to understand and evaluate how people react emotionally. It will help you to analyze what attracts your customer and what hits their mind which will further help you to develop such kinds of ads in order to have more customers attracted towards you. So pay a special attention to the advertising as advertising it what actually speaks to the customers directly.