Improving customer experience with consumer insights

A famous quote "You can't just ask customers what they want and then try to give that to them. By the time you get it built, they'll want something new." Consumers just know what they really want but they may have no idea on what is possible. Having the knowledge of customer wants, needs and his attitude are necessary steps in Consumer Insight. Almost all the customers feel good if they came to know that someone in their favorite company listens to their voice. The present day technology provides us with numerous ways to communicate.
The first goal of Consumer Insights research is to know which communication channel is suited for a particular customer. A simple research proved that even today, most of the customers prefer to be communicated through mail. Just mail. Second option is an e-mail while telephone comes after it. A little bit of knowledge about the changes in order frequency of a customer who received promotion through some different channels can lead us to that customer’s choice of communication channel. consumer insights
The Consumer Insight research provides information about what the customers want from these communications. Obviously, companies send coupons and information about promotions through communications channels. However, customers appreciate information that also discusses the value of company products. A general communication blasts obviously irritates the customer. Hence these communications should be segmented and done depending on the customer’s habits and his profitability. A vegetarian cannot be given promos about the chicken buffet that is going to take place, Octopus provide insight into which promotions are likely to work best for a company.
Customer’s attitude towards these company communications is also covered in the Consumer Insight research. Surveys tell a lot about the costumer’s view of the company. But with more of a formal approach, surveys never tell exactly about the costumer’s experience. More ways should be seen to know the attitude of a customer. Reading blogs and comments on products online can help a lot. In fact, Real consumer insight often occurs by accident. A company’s executive who is on a general visit to the store may have the opportunity to observe customers insight. But, a most expensive marketing research campaign may not have been able to provide that insight. 
The best way to understand customers, even with all of our technology and statistical models, is still to simply interact with them. Direct interaction is definitely more powerful than bugging over the phone. Customers like to have a conversation with a friendly staff at a place where the prices seem affordable. The deadly combination - Low Price, Best Staff. Companies should take care of their employees being friendly and satisfied enough to be friendly. Ask for a feedback from the customers, not right away but remind them right away about the feedback. This is going to fetch a lot in gaining knowledge of consumer experience and thus making changes to improvise the situation. “If it’s good for a customer, then it’s good for the company”. Most of the companies relied on this slogan for so long that this became their mantra. The ultimate technique in business, always listen to the customer. To find out how insights can help your business contact Octopus.