How to discover consumer insights

When it comes to effective marketing, consumer insight is very important. It is described as how a customer thinks, feels and perceives a product or a company. For many, it’s considered as the most basic of marketing strategies. Many companies have invested lots of money in order to determine how their customers feel about their products. That is why companies would even hire customer insight specialists and market researchers.
Discovering consumer behaviour is basically gathering data that reflects how customers perceive a product or company. This perception may be as simple as to how a customer sees a product and it can be as deep as to what are the emotions and memories that come with a product or company.
When you want to discover your consumer research you have to gather data and gathering data can be done in numerous ways. The most basic and common way of gathering data is by giving out surveys which will be answered by your customers.
Coming up with surveys are not as simple as it seems. There is also a discipline and study when it comes to giving out surveys to how they are given out to what kinds of questions are asked in the surveys. Once the surveys are given out, the next thing to do would be to gather the data that customers have placed into the surveys and to interpret this data. The interpreted data then becomes the insight.
Remember that if data is not interpreted it is just data, but once data is interpreted it becomes useful information which can be used in order to make better marketing strategies and in order to improve on products and services.
Social media is also a new way of discovering consumer insight. Having a Facebook page or a Twitter account will definitely help companies discover customer insight about their products or the company as a whole. Some companies even make Facebook pages and Twitter accounts for different products. With Social Media customers can easily air out what they think and feel about a product and this perception about a product and or company is known as customer insight and this can be used in order to improve on the product or company.
That is why it is very important to maintain a Facebook page or Twitter account of a product or company. Customers also value it when companies respond to their posts, tweets or queries. It will be even more effective if there is a personal approach to these responses and not just some automated response.
Gathering data and discovering consumer insight can be very expensive that is why it is very important to interpret the data gathered and use it. In the long run this interpreted data and information can help a product become even more successful since it can help develop effective marketing strategies. Also if there are any changes that is needed to be done then it can easily be discovered from the data gathered from consumer insight.

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