Hide Your Presentation Nerves With Training

How to hide your nerves with Presentation Skills Training from Octopus!

Do you think a presentation delivered with shivering hands, shaky voice and a short of breath tone is as effective as a presentation delivered with utter confidence and strong hold on voice ups and downs? Well, of course the latter will be better. However if you’re nervous presentation skills training can help!

No matter how well researched your presentation content is, if you are not good at the delivery, it doesn’t make any count. While on the contrary, your counterpart may take the lead over you even if his/her content is not that good just because, he was better at delivery, was way more confident and had a perfect tone through out. So, if you belong to the former category of speakers, then you might also like to get over this condition of under confidence and gain the required attitude for presentation. Presentation skills training programs and presentation skills courses are always there to help you out in this regard; however, there is also something, which YOU can do on YOUR part for YOUR OWN betterment and which is way better than registering for those presentation skills courses. Now, here I am not saying that these presentation skills training programs are of no use, in fact they are extremely helpful, but the point is to know what you yourself can do before approaching any of these presentation training measures.

Before, I begin discerning the secrets to getting rid of nervousness; I would like to explain the mechanism of this phenomenon. There are two types of conditions; one which is favorable and where you feel just at home and the other, which is not favorable and you are frightened of facing it. Now, the later is exactly the condition confronted by newbie speakers and those who have phobia of stage. You might have also learned in your school that whenever, one confronts the later situation, his sympathetic nervous system is activated that prepares him to either fight it or flee (though flight is always a bad option). As a consequence of this activation, one’s metabolism paces up with the results like shivering hands, shaky voice, trembling legs and sweaty palms and forehead. Octopus analytics teach this.

Once the physiology of a mechanism is known, we can easily devise measures to get over it. Even in case of nervousness during a presentation, a lot can be done to hide your shortcomings. Following is an account on the measures you can take to hide your fear:

Speaking low can clearly reveal the shakiness of your voice. So, if you feel nervous, you might find it more comfortable to speak at a higher volume. In this way your voice will be comparatively clear and smooth. This technique is way too effective, as you can direct the extra energy you have gained in the right way. Secondly, speak slowly, if you feel nervous; otherwise you will appear out of breath, your words won’t be clear and you will appear as if you are in a hurry to finish your presentation and leave the stage as early as possible. However, this also doesn’t mean that you are slow enough to bore the audience. Don’t wipe out your sweat again and again. What if you are nervous? At least you are trying your best to hide it. And trust me; following these three measures, you can get up to 80% positive results. Presentation Training will address this problem. If these are not enough then you ought to get your hands on presentation skills training packages as your ultimate choice.