Five Things To Avoid During A Presentation

Five things to be avoided during a presentation by Octopus: 

People may consider delivering a presentation, an easy task but in fact it is not as easy as some may think; especially for those, who don’t step on stage that often. Developing good presentation skills is the prime necessity for conveying an issue or a subject to others. These skills can be developed by presentation skills training or registering for presentation skills courses, which teach one develop the whole lot required for good presentations. If you are able to hold your nerves while giving a presentation, it means that you have passed the first and the most horrible hurdle. However, if not then you might want to know, how you can make your presentation effective. Here are five factors that need not be done during a presentation:

Repetition and usage of common words. People are not attracted towards your presentation; you have to seek their attention by enhancing the beauty of your presentation’s structure and choice of words. This can be done by using words, which are unique, while at the same time easy to be understood. At times, you can also use Synonyms instead of repeating same word in the presentation to evade from dullness and boredom. Presentation Training helps with this area.
Reading of the content. You are going to explain a given topic to the addressees and this can be done by complete analysis of the subject. Reading is never welcomed and seems an old school initiative. You are not a school child, you are a grown up and you must face the reality of the situation. You need to learn where and how to give the necessary explanation and what type of body language is to be used. Presentation training includes the above type of teachings and how to present without reading can be done with presentation skills courses.
Lack of confidence. Lack of confidence is the worst thing one can have, during a presentation. Presentation skills training programs teach us the use of eye contact and to face the audience with confidence. Confidence is the most important requisite while giving a presentation. Good eye coordination with the audience should be maintained and to speak your thoughts out in a confident manner must be preserved. Lack of confidence destroys the whole presentation even if you have gathered the information from the best sources.
Improper openings. The most important thing is the way you start your presentation. If your start of the presentation is not good, people will not enjoy the starter in general or the presentation as a whole. To gain the audience’s attention right from the beginning, the speech should be started with a question or with a funny incidence. The conventional style of starting with “hi, I am going to speak on the topic…..”, “hello how is everybody” do not seek the listener’s attention at all. Presentation skills training programs provided by specifically lay emphasis on this aspect.
Wrong interpretation of researched information. When you are researching for the information for your presentation, the most important thing is that you must know what you are going to present in front of the addressees. The type of information you gather matters the most but the way you visualize the information is also a matter of sheer importance. Presentation skills training programs and presentation skills courses are way too concerned in this regard.