Consumer Insight - Discover how consumers view your product

You might not realize it but people’s feelings and perception about a specific product is very important when it comes to marketing. Customer’s feelings and perception toward a brand and product is also known as consumer insight. When a company is able to achieve this consumer research it is easier for them to plan their marketing strategies.
Oftentimes successful products are even able to create a perception of their product and this perception is something which consumers want to feel towards a certain product and once this is achieved then it would be the consumers themselves who will flock to the product. Octopus are helping large companies to utilize the information they gather from consumer behaviour.
Discovering what a customer insight is about a certain product or business involves all the senses, what the consumer thinks about the product, how they feel about the product. You would also be surprised to know that marketers even go far as to discover what consumers smell, see and taste by the mere mention of a product’s name. Aside from just discovering how the basic senses perceive a certain product most companies even aim to tie in values and emotions to a product. This has been found to be very effective as well. When there is a positive experience about a certain product such as family values and this is tied with the product such as family togetherness over a meal or restaurant then the product has created values and these values are also important when it comes to market research.
Consumers would not want to support a product or company if it has no values and if there are negative thoughts that come to mind when it comes to that product or company. That is why it is also important for a product and or company to maintain a positive image to the public.
Companies have invested large sums of money when it comes to discovering consumer insight with regards to their products. If you want to find out how consumers feel about your product an effective way of doing this is having consumers share their personal experience about your product. This is already a common yet effective method of gaining an even deeper customer insight. Not only are you trying to discover what a customer thinks and feels about your product but you are already trying to discover personal experiences which consumers had with your product.
These memories and stories can also be used and turned into advertising efforts which will surely be effective since you are already tying an emotional connection with your product. Not only will consumers be paying for the product itself but they are also purchasing a piece of that memory, customers area also paying for a part of that feeling.
When companies and products have reached a certain emotional connection with their consumers it is important that this connection is maintained. Even if a company or product has achieved a certain status or perception this can also be lost that is why companies also work hard in order to maintain this their only goal would be to surpass this customer insight. That is why it is important to discover how consumers view your product.