4 Simple Consumer Insight Practices for Small Businesses

Consumer insight is the data which describes the customer base of a certain product or service offered by a particular company. This data is essential for any company in understanding its customers and the problems they face regarding the existing products. Consumer insight data is quintessential for the development of better products through improvement over previous ones and creation of new products and services which cater to the increasing and new needs of a customer. Creating the product is not everything in the world of business. Marketing the product is the most crucial and important factor that determines the success of a company. Consumer insight may sound like just another of those marketing strategies employed to gear up the business, but it is far more than that. It is basically a feedback loop which stabilizes the opinion of public regarding the different products and services a company offers. To be precise, it is a feedback loop which helps a business to grow. So in this article, Octopus explain about 4 simple ways to keep in touch with your customer and collecting the valuable consumer insight data, unobtrusively and quickly. Here we go: consumer insight
1. Ask your customers to leave feedback to your e-mail address
Electronics have dominated the world and most of the population has a mobile device these days. Instead of handing out feedback forms and papers, give your customers a toll free number or a mailing address to mail you back their feedback. This will increase the quality of data obtained as people who have used your product and experienced it will only mail you back with proper feedback. You can use this data to increase.
2. Add feedback collection to the aftersales and support services
The people who face problems with your products will obviously be very angry. So, ask them to give a feedback about the product they have used. This feedback will contain many negative points about your product and let you know about different ways through which you can improve it.
3. Increase your social presence
Create an online presence for your product or company. Garner the likes of the customers and ask them to share the experience they have had with your product. Social media is the least obtrusive way of keeping in touch with the customers. Most of the customers will forward your mail to spam if you keep on sending promotional content. But, when you do the same with a social media platform like Facebook, there is a good chance that they take notice of it and share it with their friends if they like it. So, social media is a powerful platform to collect consumer insight data from the public.
4. Search for bad reviews about your product and respond to them by offering service
There are some people who seem like they are born to hate every product that has been created. Respond to such people with kind messages and offer service to the product they have brought.

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